Wind Wix Candles are handmade in small batches and hand poured one by one in Greenville, SC. They are made with organic coconut wax, phthalate-free oils, eco-friendly cotton wicks, and beautiful reusable jars. 

Making candles gives so much more than extra income. It gives me satisfaction knowing that I'm creating a product that is safe from your home, without all the harmful chemicals that most store bought candles have. I believe that scent triggers memories of childhood, and so many other special moments. By creating these highly scented candles, I am bringing memories into your home so that your family and guests feel an inviting, cozy (and AMAZING scented) environment.


Hilary Wind




I'm originally a Wisconsin native (GO PACK GO) now living in the South.

I started Wind Wix Candles in February 2018 as a way to cope with a difficult time in my life. At that time, I was just making candles for friends and family using my microwave and a measuring cup! Within the short life of Wind Wix, this business has grown into something I never dreamed!

2018 was a very difficult year for me- but as I look at the business I created I am so proud of what I accomplished. I enjoy making each and every candle I pour. I hope you love my candles as much as I do!